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The Full Story

When Fabrizio Antonioli, professor and researcher at ENEA with a passion for documentaries, and Thalassia Giaccone, expert diver and geologist, met for their first dive together, little did they know that their love for Nature and Sicily would have taken them all over the island to explore, film and document not only the geological wonders, but also the natural and man-made treasures that this amazing territory offers. 'Sottosopra", "upside-down" in Italian, was the first idea that they experimented with, and produced a trailer where they showcased the sites they explored. But when screenwriter Martina Camatta saw the material, and the incredible expertise the two protagonists could offer in terms of climate change and natural resources, she proposed a different idea: 2100, the year science uses for the projections of data to simulate future environmental scenarios. And so the documentary "2100" was born, where Fabrizio's expertise on sea level variations in time highlights processes to keep in mind when talking of sea level variations. Where Thalassia's knowledge of underwater life, and the contributions of many experts who kindly shared their stories and knowledge in the film, shows us a picture of the past and the presnt to understand the future. A future that is still in our hands. 2100 is coming...

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